Turning Big Data
Into Big Value
Nezaboodka Software offers Deep Tech software development services and develops own innovative products in the area of Big Data and AI.

Our professional services cover full software development life-cycle and are provided by the team with deep technology expertise.

Our patented products and technologies radically improve productivity of Big Data management by changing the way how you store, maintain, analyze, and visualize the data.

Nezaboodka Database (NZDB) is a patented high-performance storage engine scalable to thousands of servers and millions of simultaneous clients. It provides true distributed ACID transactions for all kinds of data, such as linked objects, full-text indexes, binary files, and queue messages. Access to data is provided by an innovative query language and duplex data access protocol that is based on HTTP, natively supports object-oriented data model, and makes object-relational mapping unnecessary. The protocol supports transactionally reactive programming model allowing changes to be consistently and automatically pushed to UI controls in real-time.

Nevod is a language and matching engine that provides pattern-based text search. It is specially aimed to rapidly reveal entities and their relationships in texts written in the natural language. Nevod is hundreds of times faster than RegExp on a rule deck of 1K patterns. It is natively supported by full-text search engine of the Nezaboodka Database.

Nezaboodka products are currently in development. Stay tuned!

"While working on data storage and data management on multiple projects, we were facing the scalability problem again and again. There was no one database or technology on the market that fitted real application needs. It was either not horizontally scalable, or not truly transactional. At some point, we realized that even SQL doesn't fit our needs.

Since 2010, we were working out principles and techniques that in 2011 were put to the core of the Big Data technology that is scalable, transactional, reactive, and object-oriented. It was named Nezaboodka, which is translated from Russian as Forget Me Not."

— Nezaboodka Founders
Deep Tech
Nezaboodka company provides consulting and custom software development services with the focus on Big Data, AI, Data Analytics, and Data Science challenges in modern Web, Mobile, and Cloud applications.

Team members hold several patents in the area of Big Data, such as distributed database management system and pattern-based text analytics.

The team has proven experience in providing product development services for startup companies, as well as in delivering large-scale solutions to enterprises. In the past, team members successfully served Fortune 500 companies, such as Allstate, Expedia, Wells Fargo, and Alphabet (Google).

Big Data
Artificial Intelligence
Data Analytics
Data Science
Web and Mobile Applications
Cloud Computing
SQL and NoSQL Databases
Business Intelligence
Distributed Systems
Parallel Computing
Information Security
Cross-Platform Software
UX/UI Design
Plus Youth
Nezaboodka company was founded and is being lead by inventors of Nezaboodka technologies.

The team consists of seasoned executives and solution architects having more than 20 years of professional experience, as well as young and talented engineers who bring fresh ideas and approaches into the company.

Nothing scares us in technology - deep technology expertise and passion is what unites all the people at Nezaboodka.

Yury Chetyrko

Dmitry Surkov

"Each of us writes code since childhood. Even though we do that for about 30 years, we still love coding. It helps to feel the pulse of the newest technologies and to cherry-pick the best of the best youth talent in university where we deliver lectures for more than 20 years on weekly basis."
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